Take a Look of Sarajevo during 14th Winter Olympic Games Preparation

At the end of August 1981, Sarajevo was in a hurry to be built. Everything is being prepared for the successful holding of the 14th Winter Olympic Games. This is stated in the archive recording of TVSA three years before the Olympics, which talks about the preparations for the 1984 Olympics.

The video brings a report from the construction sites of the Olympic arenas in the surrounding mountains, but also an interesting view of the city itself, Radio Sarajevo writes.

Among other things, it is stated that the National Theater for the ceremonial session of the International Olympic Committee has been renovated, and that two modern buildings in Nedžarići – student dormitories – will serve as the Olympic Village.

“In the new residential area of ​​Dobrinja near the Olympic Village, more than 2,000 housing units are intended to accommodate journalists and other reporters from the Games. Immediately after the Games, this residential complex will be inhabited by the citizens of Sarajevo.”

Mention is also made of the “Holiday Inn”, which at that time existed only as a model, but it is stated that the new luxury hotel “Sarajevo” will be opened more than a year before the Games. How did the construction sites on Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Igman, Kosevo … look like in the video:

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