Take a Look of Redesign of Miljacka Riverbed, Pedestrian Zone and Tram Lanes (video)

Our country has many experts who want to contribute to the development of city infrastructure with their creative ideas. One of them is the professor at the Faculty of Transport and Communications in Sarajevo, Osman Lindov, who believes that it is about time for the capital of BiH to implement some innovative ideas with the aim of more beautiful look and better living conditions.

As an engineer of traffic, Lindov and his postgraduate student developed several innovative solutions for our capital city. They redesigned pedestrian zone of Ferhadija Street, Titova Street, tram station Pofalici, and riverbed of Miljacka River.

As Lindov explained, his original idea is to exclude trams from the traffic on section Skenderija – Bascarsija.

“Tram and trolleybus wires are bothering me. They are not really nice sight. There is no need for a tram to enter the old part of the city and make additional noise. Our residents and tourists need functional walking trails and moving lanes and we need some recreation along Miljacka River,” said Lindov.

According to his plan of the redesign of Miljacka River near the Gymnasium Obala, moving lanes with solar panels would be placed along the street towards Bascarsija.

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