Take a Look at the new VIP Salon at the International Airport Sarajevo

A VIP salon will be constructed within the process of reconstruction and modernization of the International Airport Sarajevo. It is planned on the surface of 300 square meters of space, and it should provide VIP services for departing and arriving passengers.

According to the information from the airport, the VIP salon will be placed in one of the auxiliary facilities.

There will be a space for the press conference next to the reception, where business meetings of users of the VIP salon will be held. This space will be placed near the entrance and thus there will be no need for reporters attending a press conference to enter the salon that will serve for rest and relaxation of passengers.

The VIP salon will occupy central part of the entire space. It will be equipped with places for sitting, information displays, Wi-Fi and TV.

Dual use space – a space that will be used as a relaxation area and as a place for prayer is also one of the contents of the entire complex.

The new VIP salon will include the following program contents: KDZ checkpoint with customs control, check-in and passport control, Welcome desk – reception area at the entrance (for departing and arriving passengers), VIP salon with separated sitting / relaxation groups, space for press conferences / space for organization of business meetings with few participants, space for relaxation that can be used as a room for prayer, a separate working part with the possibility of organization of smaller business meetings, a sanitary block (male, female, and for disabled persons) and smaller catering services.

(Source: E. S. H./Klix.ba)

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