Take a look at the Beauty of Our Country in One Video



Video production in cooperation with musician Sajid Jusic from Zenica, the choir of the Second Gymnasium in Zenica and production RuvexMusic, decided to give a song and music video “When you say Bosnia” as a gift to all Bosnians.

“Patriotic verses with beautiful shots of our country – from the walls of the old fortresses and the attractions of Sarajevo, Mostar, Tesanj, Trebinje, Jajce, Maglaj, Visegrad, Zenica, Pocitelj, Neum … to Una waterfalls, waves of Neretva, purity of Prokosko Lake, mystique Bobovac, Srebrenik and green expanses of Livno Field,” stated from

Take a look at the beauty of BiH in one place with the song “When you say Bosnia”:


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