Tadic and Brammertz highlighted the Importance of Adopting the National War Crimes Strategy

Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, together with officials from the Special Department for War Crimes, has informed Prosecutor Brammertz about the work on war crimes cases and the importance of the contribution provided by the IRMCT Office of the Prosecutor in this process, as well as about the regional cooperation, particularly in regard to Category 2 cases that had been transferred from the ICTY, and also about other important issues within the scope of cooperation between the two respective institutions.

Both Prosecutor Brammertz and Chief Prosecutor Tadić have stressed the importance of adopting the National War Crimes Strategy, which will help speed up the case processing dynamics in the coming period, at all judicial levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Chief Prosecutor Tadić and Prosecutor Brammertz have discussed Judge Joanna Korner’s Report and its recommendations regarding the improvement of war crimes cases prosecution at the state level in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Chief Prosecutor has noted that, despite the difficulties caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, which has slowed down and hampered the work on war crimes and exhumation cases, Prosecutors and the staff of the Special Department for War Crimes will continue to work intensively and invest additional efforts to achieve the best possible results in this area by the end of the current year.

The two Chief Prosecutors have expressed their willingness to continue their cooperation with the aim of prosecuting war crimes and finding missing persons in a faster and more efficient way in the period to come.

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