Tactics of a Grandfather from BiH for learning English Language delighted Americans

The fact that people from BiH are very wise when they “go abroad” and want to learn something new is well known, and this was witnessed by the example of a man who went to the US during the war.

The story of his process of learning English language was published on the Facebook page “Humans of St. Louis”, which shares stories about the people in their town, and one of the latest stories that they published is the one about a refugee from BiH.

They published a post about a grandson who was arranging things with his mother after his grandfather passed away.

They found several manuscripts in which a man of about 70 years of age wrote the words that he heard in English and their translation.

His grandson wrote that whenever his grandfather heard a new word on the TV or radio, he would take the notebook and write it down as well as its translation.

He added that his personality, messages, learning, and everything he did are still following him everywhere he goes.

This way of learning English language delighted the Americans, and numerous reactions to this Facebook post witnessed that.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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