System of Electronic Data Exchange Showed that BiH Has Potential, Knowledge and People

Bosna-i-Hercegovina-EU (1)For dr. Mirza Smajić, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, establishing a system of electronic data exchange from the records of the police and prosecutors is an event that is much more than meeting another obligation of the EU.

In an interview for ‘Dnevni Avaz’, Smajić said that this act showed that ‘BiH is a state with whom we can credibly cooperate’’, and that the EU has one more place it can look to and receive quality information.

“We are implementing a system of data exchange, which shows that we have potential, that we have the knowledge and people that are ready to work for the good of all. Regarding the visa regime, I do not expect it to return anytime soon”.

It is true that BiH, like other countries in the Western Balkans, has problems with false asylum seekers. But their number is constantly dropping and it goes in favor of BiH. But still, some EU member state could request a suspension of the visa-free regime. I have to warn that something like that could have very negative impact for the Balkans and for the EU, not only at the political level’’, said Professor Smajić.

Among other things, he recalled that he once did extensive research on the state of the police in BiH.

“It is interesting that 98 percent of the members of the RS Police that I polled said that a thorough reform of the police must be carried out. Experts say that the police in BiH have to be at the state and local level, and that this is the best and cheapest way for its organization. With time, politics will eventually have to come to these postulates’’, said Professor Smajić.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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