Symbols of BiH on all Border Crossings soon

bhzastava_rsaThe flag and other symbols of the state of BiH will be displayed at all border crossings in the country soon, which was not the case previously.

For example, when passengers use the border crossing Sitnica near Trebinje to enter BiH from Montenegro, they are welcomed by the large board with Cyrillic inscription “Welcome to Republic of Srpska”, and no symbols of BiH are displayed.

However, that will change soon.

According to the Head of Department for Communications and International Cooperation in the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH Ratko Kovačević, when it comes to state symbols on border crossings, all symbols of the state of BiH must be displayed.

This was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the Border Police of BiH Sanela Dujković, who said that in March 2016 the Council of Ministets of BiH tasked all BiH institutions with implementing measures on elimination of deficiencies regarding the hoisting of flags on BiH institutions, border crossings and diplomatic-consular offices.

“Border Police of BiH tasked all organizational units with eliminating the spotted deficiencies and replacing flags. Therefore, 144 new flags for masts and 105 new flags for accommodation facilities of organizational units,” Dujković said.

Dujković emphasized that it is impermissible to display only the board of a certain BiH entity or flag of a certain BiH entity on a border crossing, without displaying the board and flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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