Sweet Yugo-Nostalgia: Sweets and Snacks of our Childhood (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true” info=”true”]In has never been easier to destroy one’s figure as it is today. A bunch of sweets lures you from the store shelves, and the selection is amazing. Countless different flavors of chocolate, candies, snacks, juices…

While it is inconceivable to the children nowadays to not find a 1001 type of the same chocolate in the offer, the older ones recall other times and some different sweets.


Some of the once most popular products for the lovers of sweets were eurokrem and eurocrem blok.  This Takovo “bestseller” today maybe lags behind the modern treats in its taste, but the nostalgia easily helps in ignoring it.

Candies and Jams in Cans

Although candies in cans can be found here and there even nowadays, candies and jams used to be packed in tin packaging more often before, and one can possibly encounter an old, probably already rusted can of jam used for storing flour or sewing kit, in the homes of grandmas and grandpas.


Yes, Cedevita existed, but some people probably remember “Fla-Vor-Aid” as well, a powder for preparation which was packed in bags from which one could make even 20 glasses of juice which tasted like orange, lemon, and raspberry.

Goldi and Frondi/ Wafers with Lemon

There is no discussion about tastes, but the wafers with lemon flavor might be discussed about. Generally, those who were tired of vanilla and chocolate flavors reached for the third flavor offered – lemon.

Ice Cream in a Ball

However, a true revolution on the market must not be forgotten. Namely, Goldi by Kras (wafers) and Frondi (batons) were a real novelty since as much as four different and atypical flavors were offered: cocoa, walnut, milk, and strawberry.

Ice cream in a ball can possibly be found today as well, but it is certainly not as popular as it was in the moment when it appeared for the first time. Its present unpopularity is mostly a result of absolute impracticability of the packaging: all content of the ball could simply not be scooped with the short, plastic spoon.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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