Swedish Media discovered the new Zlatan Ibrahimović!

jasmin_barucic_prtscr_lina_salomonssonYoung athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina are increasingly successful in clubs all around the world and are often targeted by media. The same case is with Jasmin Baručić, an amazing young football player of BiH origin.

Baručić, who lives in Sweden, is a football player who get a lot of attention from the Swedish media, who often compare him to Zlatan Ibrahimović, one of the most famous football players in the world who also has BiH roots and who started his career in Sweden.

“I was born on 24 December 1997 in Sweden, but my parents are originally from Višegrad. I am proud of my origin that goes back to Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Baručić.

The young football player, who turned 18 late last year, is recording performances in numerous clubs in Sweden. He embarked on the football player career as a six-year-old.

“I started playing football, which became my love, in the youth squad of the club HBK Halmstad. I played for that club until the age of 15, when thanks to good performances I managed to go to Leikin, where I played one season. I played the midfielder position and scored 13 goals in 16 matches, which helped me get offers from several other clubs,” said Jasmin about his engagement in Swedish clubs.

Right after the end of the season, Jasmin received an offer from Getinge. He accepted it and achieved even greater progress in his career.

After a good season in Leikin, last year I got an offer from Getinge, which I accepted and performed for that club during the past season. During 21 matches in the first season, I scored 21 goals for Getinge, which really drew attention of some scouts,” said Jasmin, who already got some offers from the Island.

Namely, Jasmin got an offer from the English club Swindon, but he decided to work on his skills in Sweden for a little longer. Many offers arrived to Jasmin’s address from other Swedish clubs that compete in higher ranks, but he opted for one third league club because of his school and other obligations, after which he will dedicate more of his time to football.

Jasmine Baručić, a young football player of BiH roots, is certainly a proof that BIH is abundant with talents and that the bright future of BiH national teams is very certain. According to Swedish media, this young football player has many similar characteristics as Zlatan Ibrahimović, including the same name of their fathers – Šefik. In the future, coaches of BiH national team will have a difficult task of bringing this young player and make him choose the BIH national team over the Swedish one.


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