Swedish Development Agency in BiH and Mozaik allocated Funds for launching Micro-Business

Mozaik Foundation, through another cooperation with the Swedish Development Agency in BiH continues to create impact economy in our country. This partnership develops youth entrepreneurship through the allocation of express and non-repayable funds for launching micro-business.

After two months of development and selection of youth ledmicro-businesses, today at the contract signing ceremony16 out of the 43 applicants received the funds to realize their entrepreneurial ideas. These 16 future micro-businesses come from 12 different cities and municipalities throughout B&H.

Kenan Mostarlic, one of the signatories, said that he was grateful for the existence of foundations such as Mozaik in B&H. “After hearing what MozaikFoundation offers, I realized that it would make it easier for me to carry out my idea. They helped me make the first big step towards success. ”

His idea for micro-business, No Escape Room, provides a new kind of entertainment for all ages through thematically decorated rooms with many puzzles and hidden mysteries for older target groups, and educational-entertaining content for the youngest.

In addition to entertainment, other micro-businesses receiving funding are The AntiStress Room-offering creative ways to stress relief, Artistika which can create anything you imagine, while Aronija’s team care of our health by growingone of the healthiest plants on earth- aronia. In addition to the four mentioned abovethe following also secured the funding: Ljetnikovci, Orto dr. House, Plastenička proizvodnja povrća,Irinina IT školica za djecu i tinejdžere, Munika – izrada prirodnih suvenira, 64,Proizvodnja i prodaja leda, Organsko kao nekad, Lješnjak, Sve na jednom mjestu, Sweet uesthouse, FoileX.

SIDA representatives stated that the partnership with Mozaik Foundation was not created by chance but that this is a case of a more elaborate cooperation where Mozaik Foundation is supported in the following three areas: further building of ecosystems for social (impact) entrepreneurship through LONAC.

The development of partnerships with the private sector by way of support which the private sector can provide to start-up companies in B&H, as well as financing of micro-businesses through the ongoing grant program. SIDA also stated that they wish to encourage young people during their first and toughest steps in starting a business by providing micro-grants and through cooperation with Mozaik Foundation. They hope that such an innovative approach to resource allocation in which the community plays a major role by giving their votes, will soon become an example to follow in the region.




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