Sweden and the CS Government to allocate 2.9 million BAM for the Replacement of the Solid Fuel Fireplaces

The Ministry of Communal Economy, Infrastructure, SpatialPlanning, Construction, and Environmental Protection of Canton Sarajevo (CS) and Sweden provided 2.9 million BAM for the replacement of coal stoves and other solid fuels.

Their goal is to reduce air pollution in the CS, especially in settlements where the dominant sources of pollution are solid fuel fireplaces.

The agreement on financing the project to increase energy efficiency by subsidizing the replacement of coal stoves and other solid fuels with certified furnaces and heat pumps in households in CS will be signed today by representatives of the Ministry and the United Nations Development Program(UNDP).

UNDP will implement activities under the Swedish-funded ”Green Economic Development” (GED) project, which is intended for creating conditions for investment in increasing the energy efficiency of public facilities in order to achieve budget savings, increase the number of “green jobs”, improve user comfort, and reinvested the saved funds, which contributes to the economic progress of the country and the environmental protection, Klix.ba writes.


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