Svrzo’s House represents typical Example of Architecture from the End of 19th Century


Svrzo House represents the culture of living of the city Muslim family from the end of XVII century.

The house was built by the eminent Sarajevo family Glođo, whose member was famous Qadi Munib ef.Glođo, famous for the battle for autonomous Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Ottoman Empire.

Since there were no more male successors, the house by the family bonds went into the ownership of the eminent family Svrzo.

Svrzo house represents typical example of architecture of the times, divided into two parts: selamluk – public part, and haremluk – family part. It was purchased by the Svrzo family, rebuilt and opened to public in the sixties.

After the siege of Sarajevo, the house was rebuilt and reopened again in 1997. During 2005 another bigger reconstruction has been done: roof, pavement, installations and restoration of pictures at Veliki Halvat which during the time have lost color.

For this monument of culture, the Museum Sarajevo has published Monograph “Svrzo House”, both in Bosnian and English.


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