Survival of shooting in Srebrenica to get a honorary Doctorate in UK

nedzad avdic bbcThe university of Bedfordshire Luton in England will award Nedzad Avdic from Srebrenica with an honorary doctorate in philosophy. The special presentation will be held on 24th April and Avdic will get an award for his contribution in the field of human rights.

On this occasion, Avdic will hold a lecture on human rights and genocide I Srebrenica to his students. As a 20-year-old, Nedzad survived a firing squad in Srebrenica, but, unfortunately, the shooting did not survive his father, uncles and many cousins and friends.

His terrible life story “How I survived the shooting in Petkovci” Nedzad has shared with the whole world, with the hope that genocide in Srebrenica will not happen anywhere in the world again. After the terrible life experience, Nedzad returned to Srebrenica in 1997, graduated from college, started a family and found job. In every situation, he bravely shared his story with the desire for truth about the genocide to be told and for the new generations to try to grow up in harmony and without hatred.

On the occasion of the award, Bill Rammell, the vice president of the University, said that the honorary doctorate goes in the right hands, because in spite of all that he has survived, Nedzad Avdic found the strength to return and to act positively.

(Source: faktor/photo bbc)


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