Survey: Only Bosnian Muslims do not live in a Parallel World

A survey conducted among Muslims living in Austria attracted a lot of attention from the Austrian public. A survey of 1129 respondents analyzed the views of Muslims in Austria about their society, family, and religion.

Respondents in the survey conducted by Krems University were divided into two groups – those born in Austria and those who came as migrants or refugees.

It was recorded that the most liberal views had Austrian Muslims who were born or who are originating from Iran and BiH. Bosnians gave the most acceptable answers to questions about the role of Islam in society, the family, the adjustment of Austrian laws to Muslims etc.

Unlike Bosnians (and the Iranians), somewhat harder views had Afghans, Chechens, Somalis, and to a great extent even the Turks.

The results of the survey caused a lot of reactions of Austrian politicians. Sebastian Kurz, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria, stated that this survey proved that his policy of massive reduction of migration is right.

Integration failed, according to the interpretation of the results of Manfred Haimbuchner, the first man of right-wing Freemasonry of Austria (FPÖ) for the region of Upper Austria. His conclusion that “only Bosnian Muslims do not live in a parallel world” is very interesting.

Otherwise, there are about 700,000 Muslims in Austria, mostly of Turkish and Bosnian origin.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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