Surrounding Villages Receive Municipal Infrastructure With Construction of Hydro Power plant “Vranduk”

800px-zenica (1)Works on the hydro power plant “Vranduk” in Zenica have already begun, and thanks to the program of friendly environment in which 34 projects are envisioned, all surrounding villages will receive municipal infrastructure for the first time in history.

The building of a road until the village Ljubetovo is one of the most important projects. This is the reconstruction of an 800 meters of an old road and the construction of a new 1.200 meters. Children will not have to walk any longer 4 km to school. Life has already changed in the neighboring village Zabrce. For the first time, there will be an asphalted road that is 920 meters long, and public lighting will be set up.

Dreams will become reality in the village Koprivna, several kilometers away. A road is being built where the first tractors will be able to go through the village.

Where there are no roads, sports facilities will be built. This will be the first football and basketball court in the history of the village. Young people insisted on this project.

Sports facilities, local roads and public lighting should finally stop the relocation of people from rural areas of Vranduk. Of the total 34 projects envisioned by the Program of friendly environment, 15 are in its final stages.


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