Is there Support for the Law on declaring the 9th of January as a Remembrance Day for Victims?

parliamentNational representative Denis Becirovic referred to the parliamentary procedure the Proposal of Law on a declaration of the 9th of January as a remembrance day for victims of war crimes and genocide committed by the authorities of the self-proclaimed and so-called illegal Republika Srpska of BiH / the RS.

In the explanation of the law, Becirovic said that it is based on the judgments of the courts and the findings of a number of research institutions, and he stated that the 9th of January is anti-Dayton, anti-constitutional, illegal and unacceptable date and that it is one of the darkest dates in the history of BiH, Europe, and the whole world after World War II.

He said that this date has no footing in Dayton and that the international community already stated that it is an unacceptable date. Constitution of BiH clearly stipulates that the only continuity has the state of BiH.

Becirovic explained that the basis for the adoption of such a law is in the judgments where the responsibility of the RS for committed massive war crimes and genocide by Radovan Karadzic, Momcilo Krajisnik, Biljana Plavsic and others is visible.

“With this law, the 9th of January should be marked as a day of mourning in BiH. On that day, a legal violence was made official and it produced a universal violence, war crimes, and genocide.

“Designers and implementers of such a criminal policy received more than 1,000 years in prison. This law aims to promote truth and justice in BiH. It should not allow identification of all people with criminals who are responsible for the suffering of innocent citizens of RBiH,” says Becirovic.

The state representative called on “dormant Council of Ministers of BiH to start implementing the decision of the Parliament of BiH.

“Two years ago, in February 2015, the Parliament in the legal procedure adopted my suggestion that the Council of Ministers of BiH adopts in the procedure the Proposal of the Law on the prohibition of inciting national, racial, religious or any other hatred in BiH. The Council of Ministers is not implementing the conclusion of the Parliament of BiH for two years now,” says Becirovic.

(Source: nap.ba)

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