Supplementary classes in Bosnian language to start in Munich

Minhen bosnian schoolAfter more than two years of activities of the Union of supplementary schools of BiH based in Stuttgart, on 13th January 2017, the additional classes in the Bosnian language will start. The classes will take place in two schools in Munich, the capital of the German region of Bavaria.

Classes will be held in German schools in the Schwabing (Simmernstr. 2) and Laim (Margarethe-Danzi-Str. 17), according to plan, program and textbook issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Moreover, it is important to note that the classes will take place every Friday from 14:00 to 17:00 o’clock, for the children of BiH citizens of the first to the ninth grade.

“We are happy that children of citizens of BiH, in Munich and the surrounding area, will have the opportunity to attend additional classes in our mother – the Bosnian language. By enabling this, we become a part of the “Protection of the native language and identity of BiH citizens living abroad through BiH supplementary school and cultural activities”, that has for nine years successfully led and coordinated by the Alliance of supplementary schools in cooperation with DKP-BIH in Germany. Supplementary schools BiH are the last bulwark in the fight against assimilation in the foreign society, especially the easiest assimilation, the one of the youth and children. Without the preservation of the native language and nurture of culture and customs, one will certainly loose the ties with their homeland, and that we should not allow.

“We have already registered more than 40 girls and boys in the first two departments in Munich and we hope that this number will be higher due to the fact that more than 25 000 citizens from BiH currently live in this district. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the activities aiming to help the secondary education of Bosnian people in Munich. Moreover, we would like to thank for the assistance and cooperation of the employees of the consulate General of BiH in Munich, ” was stated by Ismet Hasanovic and Husein Ismailović, coordinators of supplementary schools of BiH in Munich.

Marking the start of the supplementary education in the Bosnian language in Munich, a meeting of the coordinators, teachers, activists and members of the leadership of the Union of BiH supplementary schools will take place in the premises of the Consulate General of BiH in Munich.

Ruzmira Tihic-Kadric, the Consul General of BiH, representatives of the Consulate General of BiH in Munich, president of the Federation of BiH supplementary schools and former Consul General of BiH in Stuttgart Haris Halilovic, as well as rectors of German schools in which the additional classes will take place, parents and children, will be all present on the tomorrow’s ceremony.

(Source: klix)


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