Summit for Peace Next Year in Sarajevo

Sarajevo 39

The Congress SYRIZA in Athens accepted the resolution of next year to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. In Sarajevo the Summit for Peace and Development will be held, which is organized by the Party of the European Left in the European Parliament, SYRIZA and host New Socialist Party (NSP) from RS.

‘’The summit is supposed to be held 9th May on the occasion of the fight against fascism, and will be preceded by a peace march from Thessaloniki via the Balkan states to Sarajevo’’, released from the NSP.

The mentioned resolution was adopted on the proposal of Panos Trigazis, Director of International Cooperation SYRIZA.

President of the New Socialist Party Zdravko Krsmanović yesterday in Athens met with President SYRIZA Alexis Cipras.

SYRIZA is a collection of Greek left-wing political parties and in the recent elections won more than 40 percent support of the electorate.

In Athens the first congress of the unification of the Greek radical left-wing political party was held, which was attended by a delegation of the New Socialist Party and representatives of the Socialist Movement from Serbia.

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