Summer Skating Rink to open in Sarajevo’s Skenderija Tomorrow


After the winter magic, residents will be able to enjoy the Summer Skating Rink in Sarajevo’s Skenderija from tomorrow, which will be set up until August 5.

The project has been working on for a long time, in order to provide the residents of Sarajevo, but also guests from other countries with a complete atmosphere on hot, summer days.

“The skating rink is set up tomorrow and will be operational until August 5th. It will also be used for clubs, we already have a large number of clubs from the region that are interested. The size of the rink is 1,050 square meters, 30 times 35 meters. Three terms are open for citizens, at 12, 18 and 20 hours, the term lasts one hour and fifteen minutes. Of course, we must adhere to the measures, based on which there will be a certain number of visitors in one term, and that is a maximum of one hundred visitors, as many as are allowed indoors,” said Amer Kapo, director of the KJP Center Skenderija.


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