“Summer in Hastahana Park” opened in Sarajevo

The event “Summer in Hastahana Park” was opened in Sarajevo on Friday, and it will last from June 15 to September 15, this year. This event will enable all Sarajevans, tourists and other visitors to enjoy in various entertainment, cultural and sports activities for all generations.

Residents of the capital of BiH, as well as numerous guests including actor Tarik Filipovic, enjoyed watching the match between Portugal and Spain of the first round of the World Cup in Russia and all visitors had a lot of fun later with Ina & Open Mind Group.

There is a covered space with two large screens where visitors will be able to watch the matches of the World Cup, as well as entertainment programs together with promotions, giveaways and live performances that will be held every night.

They are also planning to hold movie screenings, fitness in the open and different thematic events during the summer.

“Summer in the Hastahana Park” is organized by the Consortium for Development of Destination Sarajevo, which is consisted of the Foundation Sarajevo Navigator and ZUP Bascarsija, which have numerous successfully implemented projects in Sarajevo, and the Municipality Center is one of the sponsors of the event.

(Source: klix.ba)


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