A Sucessful Business Story: Company Majnex Pale, a Year of Effectively Finished Jobs

jahorina3“Jahorina Express“ is a project which will contribute to  the improvement of the tourist potential of Jahorina mountain and surrounding tourist resorts.

It is a very important project which the company Majnex Pale plans to continue to work on in the next year as well. In addition to gondola itself, the project includes the continuation of works on artificial snowing, but what else they are planning for the next year and how will they remember the year 2014 was answered by Nemanja Golijanin, the executive director.

What will you remember the most from 2014?

We will remember the most our successfully finished projects thanks to the team work of all employees working in this company.

Which projects marked your business year?

Building and external decoration of the administrative building of Electric Distribution Pale. Continuation of building of the promenade in the center of Pale. Building of fecal and rainwater collector in Pale, continuation of working on building the gondola Jahorina Express including the finalization of construction of Ski Resort Upper Pale on the starting station of gondola (2 km away from the center of Pale on the Main road M5 to Praca) which includes a ski lift with a length of 1.2 kilometers, baby lift, winter kindergarden, modern catering facility, ski rental and service, ski school, arranged parking lot for a large number of visitors, etc.

The best and worst business ventures?

We can say that there are no unsuccessful ventures, all planned jobs are finished according to the required standards.

What are you expecting from the next year?

More successful projects.

In accordance to that, what are the plans of the company for 2015?

One of very important projects for us is the continuation of building the gondola Jahorina Express, which in addition to gondola itself includes the continuation of works on artificial snowing, decoration of entire route of gondola, which will have length of 6.5 km, works on decoration of access roads which will, after the placement of infrastructure itself, become a ski trail from Jahorina to the starting station of gondola, respectively to the ski resort. Also we are planning to continue works on the quarry in Ljubogost, as well as building of mini hydro power station Upper Pale, on the river Bistrica. There is also a finalization of the promenade in the center of Pale, which is planned for the autumn of 2015.


(Source: ekapija)

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