Successful year for the Art Gallery of B&H

Despite the current difficult situation, the Art Gallery of B&H has had a very successful year.

“I am very happy and satisfied with this year’s work at the Art Gallery of B&H, but foremost very proud of my employees that worked under difficult conditions aware of their social responsibility”- said Strajo Krsmanović, the director of the Art Gallery.

At the press conference, he also emphasized the fact that the Art Gallery of B&H is furthermore in a very difficult position, because of the unresolved law status and finances. This institution has presented a very rich exhibition program throughout the previous year, but the director again emphasizes that this is not the only obligation of the Art Gallery.

” We have the obligation to register, store and protect the holdings of the Gallery which consists of 6.000 art works, and to make it available for the public and other art researchers and professors. Together with that,  we had a large number of exhibitions this year”- said Krsmanović.

Numerous exhibitions were displayed at the Art Gallery of B&H, and among them were also the exhibition of photography by Milomir Kovačević Strašni, the World Press photo 2012, the exhibition of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, exhibition ”Issues with gender” by an author from Poland, exhibition by Boris Hodak, the SOS design festival and many more.  The Art Gallery also organized numerous round tables, panel discussions and meetings of artists.

Director Krsmanović is announcing a very ambitious program for 2013. The first big step in 2013 will be the realization of the project entitled ” Traveling colors- constant in movement”, whose aim is to present the holdings of this Gallery outside Sarajevo. It is a plan to ”move” the current exhibition “Retrospectrum” to another 15 cities in B&H.

The first exhibition in 2013 will be the exhibition by Nele Hasambegović entitled ”The utterance of the whiteness”.



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