Successful Story of a Man who replaced Italy with Mountain and Cheese Production

February 12, 2018 9:30 AM

Tens of thousands of citizens of BiH see their rescue in some other, economically more developed countries. However, those who are already there usually want to return and invest their money in their homeland.

One of them is Miroslav Kljecanin from BH town of Teslic. He returned from Italy to Ocaus Mountain and he is breeding Alpine goats and preserving the tradition of cheese production on the altitude of 1,300 meters.

Return to his homeland and start of his own business is a real dream come true for Miroslav Kljecanin. He replaced his job in Italy with an Alpine goat farm. He stated that many other people who went abroad realized that it is not so easy to live in the EU and it is even harder to return.

“If only there would be better conditions for them to return. These people have some experience and they also have funds that we need in order to build our country,” said Miroslav Kljecanin.

He said that physical work on the farm is not hard, but he had problems with the import of goats in BiH, and he has them now as well, because he is trying to obtain permits for the export of products from goat’s milk.

“We are producing four types of cheese, whey and yogurt from a 100 % goat milk,” stated Miroslav Kljecanin.

He is placing his products in the healthy food stores and exclusive restaurants.

“These are exclusive products, and we are selling them in Teslic, Banja Luka, Doboj and Sarajevo,” stated Miroslav Kljecanin.

The healthy ecological environment also affects the quality of milk.

This farm is located around 40 kilometers from Teslic, 3 kilometers from the nearest village, and at 920 meters above the sea level. The goats are eating grass and drinking water from the spring on the top of Ocaus Mountain, which is located between Vlasic and Vucija Mountain.

Couple of years ago, Miroslav imported a total of 80 goats, and his flock now has 240 goats and he is planning to increase this number to 500. He is also planning to start the production of cheese in accordance with the Italian recipe, with the help of European technologists.

(Source: N1)



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