Successful Sarajevans Edin Halilovic and Semir Music launched Specialized Agency

March 20, 2017 1:15 PM

halilovicmusicSarajevans Edin Halilovic and Semir Music have launched the agency Lilium Digital ( in London, which is engaged in online advertising on key platforms, such as: Google Search & Display, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This is the agency specialized for online communications, and its focus is on paid advertising. Moreover, they are also engaged in the preparation and adaptation of creative solutions for web advertising, consulting in the sphere of online communication with a special focus on e-commerce.

They also have great cooperation with companies from BiH, especially with foreign companies that are operating in BiH since the Google advertising represents a standard practice in developed markets.

“Considering the increasing number of clients that we represent as well as significant budgets, we have the access to Facebook business accounts and additional benefits such as the possibility of verification of online media and public figures, connecting fake sites etc.

Verification of the Facebook page is an issue that frustrates many portals, public figures, and athletes from the region since it is relatively complicated, uncertain and very long process. Similar to many other functionalities, the verification is not officially supported on the territory of Southeast Europe. The most likely reason for this is relatively poor knowledge of our region in Facebook.

The popular “blue badge” that Facebook provides to you after successful verification is not only cool but it also represents a kind of guarantee of the company in terms of authenticity of the Facebook page and the person or organization it represents. Regarding this, restrained attitude of Facebook towards users from our region who are wishing to stand out on the social networks is quite understandable.

Facebook’s “blue badge” is officially provided to media, athletes, public figures, musicians and political organizations who are usually victims of a large number of fake profiles that are using the name of recognizable people and organizations with the aim to reach a large number of fans relatively quickly, and thus the marketing potential as well. Verified sites and accounts have the ability to access a special panel of support that allows them to shut down or even connect fake profiles and pages and thus quickly and easily solve this problem. Some additional options that come with Facebook verification are the change of name or username, report of hacked accounts, report of disrupting IP, report of problems on video platforms as well as announcements of new unpublished functionality options on Facebook.

One of the strategic reasons why Facebook has an interest in verification of online media and politicians is the prevention of spreading false news in the news feed of users through the large reach of verified profiles and pages.

The company came under a lot of public pressure during the last presidential campaign in the US due to a large number of false news which quickly became viral. Verification is one of the ways through which Facebook will fight against this and thus it is a good news that there is a way to verify your Facebook accounts and pages.

Some of the preconditions that have to be met are the type of Facebook page or account, which means that it has to belong to one of these groups: the media, political organizations, and public figures. Moreover, it is requested to properly fill the section “About page” which give information on our Facebook page to users and in case of a private account, option “Follow” must be turned on, which allows users to follow the account.

Finally, the most likely reason why Facebook shut down the possibility of sending requests for verification is a large number of non-credible requests that were coming from this region and thus overwhelmed a limited number of engineers at Facebook who are working on this kind of things.

So far, they have worked with companies including: DM, Mercedes Starline, Porsche BiH, Akova, Inside, MekLine, Oslobodjenje, Avaz, Olx, NOA…



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