Successful Exercise: Alpinist saved from the 150-meter deep Pit in Cavljak

The mountain rescue service – station Sarajevo (in Bosnian: GSS) this weekend organized the rescue exercise from the pit called “Speleo exercise Cavljak”.

As speleological facilities are quite demanding, this exercise was a challenge for every rescuer, as well as for the station that organizes it, they said.

According to the exercise scenario, the mountain rescue service – station Sarajevo received a call about the fall of a speleologist/alpinist where she injured her hand in the pit of Cavljak.

When going to field, the first team drops into the pit with equipment to correctly assess the degree of injury and the exact location of an injured girl. A support team sets up a camp and prepares all the necessary equipment for rescuing her from the pit.

It was a depth of 150 meters and it was necessary to make seven stalls with the needed equipment. During the exercise, 18 rescuers were deployed in the teams at the stands, and the medical team of the rescuers, after finding the injured, starting the emergency medical aid, remedying the injuries and adequately securing injured girl, started transporting. Transportation to the pit, 150 meters in height, lasted for three hours, and the exercise was completed in eight hours.

From the GSS station in Sarajevo they also reported that their colleagues from GSS station Hadzici and GSS station Visoko joined them in this very demanding exercise.


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