Who are successful Entrepreneurs from BiH?

March 11, 2018 3:00 PM

Women from BiH are leading the organization of BH Diaspora all around the world. Their contribution to the integration of BH community all over the world is primarily reflected through inclusion in the education system, fast adaptation to cooperation and integration in new communities, and the willingness to start new initiatives and work with individuals who are excluded from social and business processes.

There are numerous examples of successful women entrepreneurs from BiH who made a significant mark in companies in the US, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Diaspora Invest brings a story about their return to BiH and investments in their homeland.

Ajsa Obarcanin returned from the Netherlands and invested her money and knowledge in the company MDG International, which she established with her husband, Muris Obarcanin. From a small family company, the MDG grew to an exporter to Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. They successfully completed training activities for management of ERP systems. It is a growing company, and Ajsa is one of the initiators for forming an Advisory Council of Investors from BH Diaspora.

A few days ago, a news of Lilijan Sulejmanovic was all over BiH. She is a young entrepreneur who lives and works in the UK, and recently, she opened the company “Te Ora” in cooperation with local partners, which will produce energy bars for the world market. Lilijan decided to invest her knowledge, experience and capital in business development of BiH after her studies at Oxford and Harvard. “Te Ora” is also one of grant-beneficiary companies of the USAID Diaspora Invest.

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