Successful Completion of Training of Members of Special Support Unit of SIPA

SIPAOrganized by the BIH Armed Forces, members of the Special Support Unit of SIPA participated in the training on the topic “Techniques of Breaching-Use of Explosives” from 8 July to 2 August.

The training was held in the barracks Rajlovac and of the polygons of the BIH Armed Forces in the area of Sarajevo.

The goal of the training is for members of the Special Support Unit to get to know about special ‘breaching’ techniques and their combat readiness.

After a successful completion of the training, members were given certificates, and they were addressed by Brigadier General of the Armed Forces Sakib Forić, who stressed that the Armed Forces will always support the security structures of BiH on the path to their training in order to be ready to professionally respond to all challenges in their future work, announced SIPA.

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