Success Story: Senad Omerovic produces Peppers for a Decade

It has been almost a decade since Senad Omerovic started a vegetable production in Konjevic Polje. Agricultural Cooperative “Agrofood”, which he runs today, is an example of sustainable return and rural communities potential of growth and development. In conversation with him, he recognizes how much effort and constant work farmers have to invest in order to keep up with modern trends in the business they are dealing with.

“We work with greenhouses, we can more easily monitor the situation and have positive experiences. We have solved the placement of goods through cooperation with retail chains, and we are in constant need to grow, invest and continue to work,” Senad tells us.

About the Agrofood Cooperative, many passers-by and inhabitants of this region speak positively. Senad, therefore, decided to expand cooperation with external suppliers, and continuously works on training and gathering potential subcontractors.

“We recently introduced three new workers, purchased an additional sowing tool, purchased seeds, containers and protection for the production of seedlings with co-operators. We have been focused on preparation of brochures for cooperators, about conditions for planting peppers and educating people who are willing to work on the field,” Senad notes.

He believes that besides field work and responsible management, it is extremely important to spread knowledge in the local community. That is why he is a frequent lecturer and organizer of training and training for other producers. With the support of the USAID/Sweden FARMA II, this cooperative has expanded its capacity to produce vegetable seedlings. They now have an  automatic line for planting seedlings, and built a space for the compressor and line. It is extremely important that through co-operation programs, Senad shares his knowledge with others from the local community who are interested in employment or starting their own cooperative.

“There are people who have a desire for new knowledge, and on this path, we want to help through this type of education. We always lack the trained labor force and this is the challenge that farmers constantly meet in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“Agrofood” produced 127,500 pieces of pepper breeds, and successfully implemented cooperation with 24 subcontractors in the region of Birac. Senad Omerovic does not mean to halt in the expansion and investment, and wants to be an example to young people in his area that they too can live from agriculture.

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