Success Story: BiH performed 307 Transplantations in 20 Years

BiH is one of the few countries with donors but not transplantations. In the last 20 years, a total of 307 transplantation were performed in our country.

Professor at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla Senaid Trnacevic said that there must be as many transplantations as there are places in intensive care. That is at least 80-90 donors, which is 200 kidneys on annual basis. However, there are only 15 to 20 surgeries.

People who experienced transplantation can really talk about the importance of transplanted organs. Lutvo Muflizovic had kidney transplantation in Sarajevo 31 years ago.

“My transplantation was done by Professor Sreten Boskovic. I started living, studying and working normally thanks to that transplantation at the age of 20,” stated Muflizovic.

There are 219 patients waiting for the kidney and 30 patients waiting for the new liver at the waiting list of the Ministry of Healthcare of the FBiH. A total of 12 patients are waiting for heart, and there are no waiting lists in the RS and Brcko District.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)


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