Success Stories from SPARK: Startup VRET Goes to Silicon Valley

SPARK’s startup VRET is a howling success – this week they won the second place at the Investors Day in Berlin and the journey to Silicon Valley in San Francisco!

What does VRET do and how did they manage to stand out among other startups from the whole world at the BETAPITCH Global competition? The VRET team works on a software solution that uses virtual reality devices in psychological treatments, such as overcoming a fear of heights, spiders, crowded spaces, and the like. Currently, they are in the acceleration startup program at SPARK, they participated in the BETAPITCH Mostar competition and won the first place and the journey to Berlin to BETAPITCH Global.

In Berlin, they were part of an interesting and educational program. The first day (6 Dec) was reserved for pitch practice for the next day’s competition before many investors. The betahaus team worked with them intensively – they even had a help from an actress who advised them who to present themselves in the best light, what facial expressions to make and how to move. The second day was the Investors Day, during which various workshops and competitions were held simultaneously.

“The main event started at 6 PM and we were the sixth to pitch. The competition was really tough. After three hours, the top 5 teams were announced, and we ended up at the second place, with the journey to Silicon Valley as a prize. We knew we were good and believed in our product the whole time, but when you visit the city of innovation such as Berlin and when you get insight into your competition, you hope for the victory, but you also stay realistic.”, said Iva Đikić, Project Manager at VRET.

“We are exceptionally pleased to VRET got the chance to present themselves and us Silicon Valley, and we would like to thank our partner betahaus for the opportunity.”, said Marko Zeljko, Startup Manager & Business Developer at SPARK.

(Source: spark)

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