Success of a Sarajevan in the UK: From Refugee to Scientist at the Leading Faculty

Zerin AlimajstorovicNumerous successful BH citizens who live all around the world and spread the beautiful image of BiH in their own way were recently joined by 29-year-old Zerin Alimajstorovic who defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Investigation into the molecular mechanisms underlying idiopathic intracranial hypertension” on Milton Keynes – Open University, the Department of Pharmacology.

Zerin Alimajstorovic was born in 1987 in Sarajevo, and at the beginning of the war in BiH he fled to Zagreb with his mother, sister, grandmother and uncle, and then his family went to Birmingham (England) where their father joined them (after being wounded in Sarajevo in 1994).

After he arrived in England, he was enrolled in the first class, and today he recalls the shock that he experienced when he got among the children who spoke the English language. After a few months and many tears, he managed to fit into a new environment, and already at the end of the school year, he was speaking English very well. He succeeded in that, as he says, with a lot of help of his neighbor Rosie Turner, his classmate Ben and a teacher that was visiting him.

He was admitted to the prestigious CTC College in Birmingham, where his teachers discovered his love for science and recommended to him to enroll in the scientific and research faculty. He decided to follow their advice, and he finished Pharmacology (the Department for finding new drugs) at the University of Wolverhampton. A year later, he achieved his master’s degree at Nottingham Trent University, and the topic of his thesis and a complete study was prostate cancer. He then worked at the University of Aston in Birmingham, and he received an offer from London and Milton Keynes in early 2013 to write his doctoral dissertation in their extremely well-equipped laboratories.

Of course, he accepted the offer and defended his doctoral dissertation four years later. The research that he was doing within his doctorate, various presentations, participation in seminars in Washington, Paris, London and the publication of papers in professional journals opened the doors of the academic community in the UK for him.

A few months ago, he got the offer that he could not reject from the University College London – Institute of Opthalmology, to join the team that is working on the study of intraocular pressure. He will work on this project on the Post-doctorate studies, also on rats and the eyes of rats. The goal is to discover new methods of treating intraocular pressure, and the project is closely connected to his doctoral dissertation.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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