Success: BH Company to invest 5 million BAM

May 2, 2018 10:00 AM

The company “Alpina Bromy” Tesanj, which was founded by the Slovenian “Alpina” and Suad Rose, employs 400 workers at the moment. This company produces 2,000 pairs of footwear for the market of “Alpina” on a daily basis. Considering the expansion of market, this company is planning to start with new projects.

“We are working on the expansion of our production and introduction of new programs, the extruded fashion footwear, since there is a large demand for this type of products in the world. Market demands are large because it is a high-quality product with a high degree of comfort, which is currently on the first place,” said Rose.

The amount of investment in the new program is around 5 million BAM, and it also implies hiring of about 150 new employees. The capacity of the production should be 2,400 pairs of shoes.

“We achieved cooperation back in 2002. “Bromy” worked with 80 employees for Alpina back then. At the beginning of the year of 2008, we agreed to proceed with the establishment of joint company and started with the construction of new production facility on 4.000 square meters. Furthermore, we started with the production that same year,” said Rose.

They hired 1000 new workers, besides the existing 80, in just 3 months, and doubled the production for the needs of “Alpina”.



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