Suad Suljic, young successful Footballer in the USA: “I would accept to play in BiH in a heart beat, I love my Country!”

February 12, 2015 10:25 AM

08_184621_1PREP102814_31331935Suad Suljic, a young successful football player, born in Sarajevo in 1998. He moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, then after 7 years moved up to Excelsior, MN in 2007. Currently he  lives in Minnesota and attends Minnetonka High School.

 You chose soccer to be, not only your hobby, but also your future occupation. When the love towards the soccer started?

I believe the love for football started when I was able to walk on the field. Just when I was a little boy the ball has been stuck to my foot ever since. My father was the biggest    reason why that ball has been stuck through my whole life. I wouldn’t ever look back and say I made a mistake with football.

Your father was strong defender. Did you inherit passion for soccer from him?

If it wasn’t for my father I don’t think I would have ever touched a ball. His passion for the game on and off the field inspires me so much. I always wanted to be like him. Watching him play when I was growing up taught me much about the game.

When did you started playing for Minnetonka?

I started playing for Minnetonka High School in 2012. I made the varsity team as a freshman (9th Grade) . I only scored 5 goals and got 6 assists that year. Sophomore year (10th grade) I scored 18 goals and has 12 assists. This past year as a Junior (11th grade) I had 19 goals and 12 assists.

Please tell us about the most important victory by your team Minnetonka? How did you feel ?

The most important victory we had was the game when we won the section title to go to the state tournament. That was the first trophy Minnetonka has won since 1999. Tears came to my eyes, the whole “student section” stormed the field, I felt my whole body explode with excitement. I was so happy and that moment is so hard to describe. The best way I can describe it is that happiness and joy ran through my whole body. I couldn’t stop smiling for a long time.

You were honored by the National Soccer Coaches’ Association with a banquet in Philadelphia last month.

I was named All-American. This means being top 40 High School Players in the Nation. I went there to receive my award. Not many people get the chance to be where I was and I am very blessed. While I was in Philadelphia as well I was named the Best High School Player in Minnesota.


 We will take a right and say that since you started to play in Minnetonka, the team started to be better and better. It is important to note that you finished the 2014 season with 19 goals  and 12 assists. Congratulations!

 Do we already see another Messi, but this time from BiH?

Thank you so much. I was very happy I could play with the players I did because they pushed me harder and harder day in day out to improve. That makes me laugh, I just am a kid with very  big dreams and I want to be able to play on the big stage and show others what I can do on the field and off. I love BIH with every little piece of my heart. I can only imagine the feeling of  playing in or for BIH.

 Say us about your plans in the future. If you would get an acceptable offer from BiH football club, would you accept it?

I hope one day I can play in front of thousands of fans. I would accept to play in BIH in a heart beat. I love my country. I one day hope to play for my country, I don’t believe that anything  could top that in a young boys dream then to represent their own country.

Interview by Zejna SY

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