Students from Zvornik delighted whole BiH: They are helping their Neighbors during Holidays

Glumina_Zvornik_high school studentsSeveral high school students from village Glumina near Zvornik these days drew the attention of their fellow citizens.

Nusret, Ajdin, Muhamed and Admir decided to turn their daily hanging out into something that will be useful for their community, as reported by Zvornicki.ba.

They gathered some money from their neighbors, relatives, and friends in their streets and villages, which they decided to give to those in need. In recent days, they visited two people who live alone and in quite difficult conditions. Their visit caused smiles and happiness that can be seen on these photographs.

Nusret Hidic is one of the initiators of this action, which he realized with his friends with whom he grew up in this village near Zvornik, and besides Nusret, in these visits to elderly neighbors are also included Muhamed Huseinovic, Ajdin Pargan and Admir Pandur.

“It happened by accident, we saw one of the older neighbors struggling with firewood, and we concluded that he has to do it every morning by himself and that he does not have anyone else to help him. Since we are on our winter vacation and we have free time, we decided to help him out and finished in ten minutes what he would be doing for hours and got even colder and sicker. Thus we felt satisfied, and a smile on our neighbor’s face was something new for us because he is a man whose face is rarely smiling. He wanted to offer us a cup of tea, but then he realized that he does not have any in the house, he wanted to prepare a hot drink from some dry grass, but it took so long, and one of us went to his home and brought a packet of filter tea bags. Talk over this tea somehow helped us to understand that our five minutes can make someone’s day better, and an hour of our time can make someone happy for a whole week. After that, we turned to our fellow citizens to help us visit our elderly neighbors and give them some necessary groceries, and help them with their work in and around their homes. So far, we have carried out two visits and we are satisfied, as well as neighbors that we visited. One old grandmother kissed us as if we were her grandchildren, and she could not stop smiling the whole time of our stay in her home. For our other neighbor we prepared firewood beside the food, so he can take as much as he needs every morning without having to struggle. We collected some more money and we will visit people who are in need in the upcoming days,” said Nusret.

Besides being an excellent student of the medical school in Zvornik, Nusret is also an athlete and he is actively practicing football, and many people predict a brilliant career for him.

“They are planning to visits many others, who are expecting them and hoping for their arrival. I urge all residents of Glumina and those who read this to support these young boys and donate what you can, and they will give it to those who need it the most,” said Admir Mahmutovic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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