Students working in order to pay Excursion to Friends who do not have Money

Student Loans nap.baStudents attending the Medical high school Bjelave in Sarajevo organized a work action under the name “Excursion 2017”, in order to help their peers who are not in a good financial situation to pay for going on an excursion.

In the appeal sent to all the companies and employers, they stated that they are ready to work and earn money. Moreover, these students say that they would be happy if the companies would invite and hire them, because all they want is to go together to excursion to which all high school students look forward to for months.

“We are prepared for a variety of activities such as cleaning parks, private yards, washing the dishes in restaurants, sharing the questionnaires, advertising of certain products, taking care of children in homes, hospitals and at private birthday parties and any other jobs with which we can provide the means to pay our friends trip to excursion”, stated students.

The appeal was published on the Facebook group “I am looking-offering a job” and asked good people to help them in the implementation of this action.

“We decided to do this action because we cannot look our friends who have the same desire as us, to remain in school while we are on the seaside having fun.” said Dzenan Hodzic, one of the students.

For the ones who would like to help these students, can contact Mr. Hodzic on mobile number +387 62 290 900.

(Source: klix)

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