Students in U.S. High Schools to learn about the Genocide against Bosniaks?

bosnia-memory-projectThe Bosniaks who found refuge in the United States of America during the war have launched the project, Bosnia Memory.

For a while now, classes of BiH history have been held at the Catholic University Fontebonne in St. Louis. Classes will soon be organised in high schools as well.

Brian Jennings is a teacher in the High School Affon and said that he will never forget how his student Dino Svraka testified about how he survived the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a history lesson. Jennings emphasized that his students have never paid more attention to a history class before that.

Now, Jennings teaches Bosnians-American history at Fontebonne University. He launched the project with the director of the organization Bosnia Memory, Ben Moore. Their plan is to expand the program to other high schools and recently they received a grant of 100 USD from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the project.

The aim of the project is to launch an intergenerational dialogue and to improve the understanding of complex identity issues. Participants in the program are also those who do not come from BiH, but who understand their friends better from BiH through this program.

“Students will collect the testimonies of those who survived the genocide in BiH, so this will not be just purely learning history, but also something that will be left for future generations”, said Jennings.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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