Students Took to the Streets: Stop Lying to Us and Start to Work!

995589_10153633547385085_2035912149_nA student protest began today in front of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly. They are demanding for B&H to be a part of the project Erasmus+, and to improve the overall education system in B&H.

Close to 200 students took to the streets today in Sarajevo, and they were joined by several university professors, among which are Nenad and Lamija Tanović and Behdžet Mesihović.

Professor Tanović said that he is disappointed that more of his colleagues did not show up.

‘’The fact that not many students showed up today means that for 15 years already, whatever they did had no results and no one supported and cared for their needs, so they are disappointed. But what worries me the most is that there are not more of my colleagues here. Program Erasmus is not something that only students use, but also professors, and the entire educational system’’, said Professor Tanović.

Students sent a message that they want a better situation in the country and for the government to stop lying to them, and to start doing their jobs and fulfill promises.

Several pensioners joined the students.

Erasmus+ is a program that would allow B&H students to go to school, volunteer and receive stipends in EU countries.

For B&H to take part in the program, the approval of all 13 ministries of education is required, but the RS Ministry of Education and Culture refused to participate.

After a tumultuous public reaction, the RS government gave consent to participate in Erasmus+, respecting the constitutional jurisdiction of the RS in the area of education. The students pointed out that they do not trust the RS authorities and went out to protest.

In addition to Sarajevo, protests are being held in Tuzla, Zenica, Banja Luka, Mostar and Bihać.

(Source: klix.ba)

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