Students showed what kind of BiH they want in future

Today in Sarajevo, Minister of Education and Science of FBiH Damir Mašić awarded the best written works of primary and secondary school students on topic ”Future of BiH- one roof for everyone”.

This program was supposed to encourage the students to show how they see the future of BiH.

”In the same time we wanted to connect this issue with the issue of segregation in education, so-called two schools under one roof’’, said Mašić.

Awarded students said that BiH in the future should be country that will be in the service of all its citizens, where the culture of dialogue will be respected and where discrimination will not exist.

In their works, students emphasised the main problem of the country, the disagreement among the nations of BiH, and because of that a great number of young people leave BiH.

Seventeen students from the Sarajevo Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, and Bosnian Podrinje Canton were awarded.

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