Students of the University of Sarajevo to study Roma and Ladino Languages

The Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, Muhamed Dzelilovic, announced the launch of elective classes in the field of several languages that have not been studied at this faculty before.

Dzelilovic believes that great languages and cultures of the Far East, primarily Japanese and Chinese, as well as languages in northern Europe, are missing at the linguistic and cultural map and he is also planning to start working with Swedish and Norwegian language as well.

Talking about studying Swedish or Norwegian language, he noted that there is already cooperation with these countries, and he especially noted a great number of our people who achieve great results in all fields in these countries, and they and the diplomatic representatives of these countries, are more than ready to help.

The Department for Slavic Languages, said Dzelilovic, should also study Polish language as the language of such a large European culture.

He also noted the completion of work on segments of the Bosnian cultural tradition that is neglected as an important program goal. These are the so-called minority languages and cultures.

Dzelilovic announced that the Faculty of Philosophy should start with studying of the language and culture of Roma people and Jews of BiH, which includes Roma and Ladino, this autumn. These languages will be on the list of all faculties and academies as elective classes, and the Senate unanimously adopted them and made available to other students of the University of Sarajevo as well.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)





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