Students Conceive an Invention that will reduce the Number of Traffic Accidents!

innovationIn the past few years, more and more traffic accidents on the streets throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina have been recorded. Unfortunately, many accidents ended up with tragic outcomes…

After the observation and analysis of the situation on the roads, students of Electro-technical school in Sarajevo came, to an interesting idea. Elvis Kundo, Haris Šikić and Maid Suša, seeking to do something in order to help to make cars safer and to reduce traffic accidents, conceived invention “The stabilization of the car at high speeds”.

‘’Since the project began as a school project, we approached the teachers from the field of Automation and Electronics for some tips and material support. Our mentor, Muhterema Muharemović, professor of teaching subject “Automatic”, showed the greatest interest and her long experience in the field were a great help’’, highlights Maid Suša.

The innovation that they came up with, conceives the stabilization of the car while driving at high speeds, and Maid explains how it actually works.

‘’When the car is moving at high speed, due to the centrifugal force, the car starts to separate from the road, and thus becomes unstable. Our innovation increases the stability of the car, so that the spoiler, which is located at the end of the car, closes up and the air that passes over the car is deducted from the spoiler and it is pushing the car to the ground’’, he said, adding that the most important thing here is that this whole process takes place automatically, therefore without any influence from the driver.

Students of Electro technical school have been presented at the “Inova youth 2014” in Osijek with this invention. In addition to prizes for the best abroad innovation, they won the gold medal on this competition as well.

‘’These awards really mean a lot to us, and our work was also presented at the international meeting of innovators in Croatia where we won the silver medal. We intend to compete in many competitions with our project, and we hope that it will be successful, as it is now’’, highlights Suša.

These young innovators are currently broadening their existing knowledge on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, and they are not planning to stop with this invention.

‘’After presenting the work “Stabilization of the car at high speeds,” we got a lot of positive reviews from people who are professionally engaged in the auto industry and electrical engineering, which gave us the motivation to continue to learn and work hard, and perhaps to make even more quality invention’’, concluded Maid Suša.


(Source: faktor.ba)

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