Students from Sarajevo developed a Solar Powered Car


Professor Sabahudin Vrtagic and Semir Sakanovic, together with students of the International school in Sarajevo, developed a solar-powered car. The legendary Yugo 45 is now renovated and instead of oil, uses solar energy as a motive power.

A solar-powered Yugo already attracts a lot of attention, as of random passers, as well as of those who want to learn more about how a solar-powered car looks and works.

“We wanted to get something new, and it seems that we succeeded“, said Vrtagic.

“A solar Yugo“ is now two-seater, while the back part is reserved for solar panels and batteries. An electrical motor of a forklift is installed in the car, and its current power is 6kW. The motor itself has a power of 15kW, but it had that power at 80 volts. However, it is now connected to 48 volts, so its power is smaller.

Two solar panels were installed in the car, both of the power of 147 W, and four accumulators were also installed. When it is an average sunny day, it is possible to charge one accumulator within 10 hours, and when there is no sun, accumulators can be charged with the charger which is specially designed for this car. Yugo‘s transmitter remained in the car, and now it has two electric speeds as well.

Vrtagic said that the maximum speed of 70 kmph was achieved during the test, but that the real tests will follow when the car is registered and when it goes out on roads.

“We learned a lot through all phases, from collecting parts to the design itself and connecting of parts“, said one of students and explained that they invested a lot of time in this project.

If you want to use free solar energy and make such car, prepare yourself for certain expenses. Vrtagic explained that 7.000 BAM were invested in this car, but also a lot of hours of the individual work, as well as the help of friends who didn’t want to charge their work.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: index.hr)

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