Students are our greatest Treasure!

May 8, 2017 2:30 PM

BH futures foundation“Grain by grain, you gain bread. Rock by rock, you make a castle. Sun & homework – children are our strongest army!”

When you love children, regardless of their heritage, only then do you do everything to the best of your ability to make sure that they are happy. A child’s smile, has no price, but they are easily forgotten when it comes to material possessions. The students from ‘Klokotnica’ primary school, have encountered numerous problems in regard to attending their normal classes. The school could not heat up the classrooms during winter, due to the poor condition of the windows and doors that allow warm air to escape and the shortage of coal. Lessons had to be shortened, whilst the students sat at their tables, clothed in their full winter gear. Thankfully the management of the school as well as the principal, Senada Dzanic, had a wish and willingness to solve the issue, so with enthusiasm we began working together to find a solution to our problems. ‘Grain by grain, you gain bread’, we asked good people to help us and we worked together with the students and their parents to organise a school fair to raise funds that would help us repair the school windows and doors. Mr. Custovic recognised the positive efforts and through BH Futures Foundation donated to the school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank BH Futures Foundation for their donation and to appreciate our friends, the capable and talented individuals Eddie Custovic, Aleksandar Mastilovic and Belma Telalovic. We hope that our students will one day follow your footsteps to success. “Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur – A friend in need is a friend indeed .” Latin Idiom.

BH Futures Foundation focuses on various groups of young people as our visit to Klokotnica Primary (Elementary) school in Doboj Istok on the 14.04.2017 indicates. Klokotnica has been recognised as a community that dedicates exceptional attention to it’s youngest members and this enthusiasm was demonstrated by principal Senada Dzanic and teacher Irena Hukic, who contacted BH Futures Foundation with an appeal to remember their students in our foundation’s activities. BH Futures Foundation gained information about the state of affairs at the school and its needs for equipment to improve the teaching process and the quality of education, which they offer to their students. What really impressed BH Futures Foundation members, was the proactive community in Klokotnica that had been organising campaigns to collect funds for school for a long time before contacting the foundation. We were familiarised with their school fair activities, where students sold their hand-made art, parents participated in the sale of this hand-made art and the greater or lesser support of local authorities. To aid the students in raising further funds, BH Futures Foundation donated a multifunctional copier, handed to students by members of the Board – Maja Hadžiselimović and Alexander Mastilović. The smiles of the students are the best and most beautiful appreciation that BH Futures Foundation could receive! Their happiness will be our incentive for future activities and actions that will be initiated with the aim of promoting science and technology, improving education at all levels and focusing on the individual achievements of talented students in BiH.

Written by Irena Hukic and Aleksandar Mastilović/ BHFutures Foundation


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