Students From the Region Visited B&H Prosecutor’s Office

tuzilastvoA group of about 20 students from the region visited today the Prosecutor’s office of B&H as part of the Youth Committee for Education from Belgrade.

Representatives of Prosecutor’s Office informed the guests about the history and internal organization of the B&H Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the previous work on war crime cases.

After the presentation of the Prosecutor’s office of B&H, its origin, the legislation, the structure of departments in the prosecutor’s office, as well as the role of these institutions in B&H judiciary, students had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the topics in the field of judiciary.

The senior advisor of the Special Department for War Crimes Irisa Čevra and the Head of the Public Relations of Persecutor’s Office of B&H, Boris Grubešić during the one-hour meeting, presented the work of the Prosecutor’s Office and answered questions.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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