Students collected Presents for Children from Institute for Care of Mentally Disabled Children


Two weeks ago, high school students from Konjic Sejla Grcic and Merima Dzelilovic launched an action to collect packages for children at the Institute for the Care of Mentally Disabled Children and Youth in Pazaric, which has been successfully completed these days.

With the support of their school friends, professors, students from Konjic First Elementary School and citizens, they were able to collect 170 New Year’s packages.

“We are very happy with the successful completion of the campaign, especially since we have collected significantly more packages than we initially expected. In addition to the children at the Pazaric Institute, we will also be able to make happy the children who are staying in the SOS Children’s Village in Sarajevo,” said Grcic.

Sweets, toys, school supplies and other little things for children are already packed and will be delivered before New Year’s Eve, Avaz.ba news portal reports.



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