Student short films Vol.10 at ”Kriterion”

On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Academy of Performing Arts, this Wednesday at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion” everybody will have the opportunity to watch the film exercises of students of the second year of the Department for direction and audiovisual orientation. The film exercises will be screened at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion” on the 26th December, at 20:20 p.m.

Exercises of conflict and rhythm:

1. Čika-Jastuk, 15:46 min – Zulfikar Filandra

2. Hamlet, 9 min – Irfan Avdić

3. Galeb, 12:18 min – Elvedin Zorlak, Admir Švrakić, Faris Bajrić

4. Otelo, 6:16 min – Alen Šimić

5. Ritam grada, 3:19 min – Elvedin Zorlak

6. Ludi od ljubavi, 6:48 min – Redžinald Šimek

7. Labud, 10:14 min – Almir Đikoli

Students of the 4th  year:

Exercise documentary film:

Samo tata, 16 min – Damir Mujagić

Snaž(e)ne, 16 min – Neven Samardžić

Varijacije, 15 min – Hari Šečić

The entrance for all screenings is free for all who want to see the future generation of B&H directors at the beginning of their carrier and directing skills.





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