Student Competition ‘’PR Challenge”

PRRepresentatives of the Prime Communications Agency are organizing the fourth student competition ‘’PR Challenge’’.

Teams of three students from faculties in B&H in which public relations and marketing is studied can participate in the competition.

‘’The aim of the competition is to provide students with additional education through work on real case studies, so students have the chance to practically apply their theoretical knowledge that they obtained in faculty. ‘’PR Challenge’’ in previous years proved to be a great project that is recognized as beneficial for students’’, said Project Manager of ‘’PR Challenge’’ Faruk Kovač.

Every team can submit a paper for one of the two proposed case studies, of which one will be for a profitable organization and the other for a nonprofit organization.

The finals of ‘PR Challenge’ will be held in Sarajevo in April 2014, and the winners will be given a monetary award and the opportunity to attend several expert conference that will be organized by the Agency Prime Communications in 2014.

(Source: Fena)


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