The Strongest Man in BiH to compete in Novi Sad on 9th May

adin arnautThe strongest man in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adin Arnaut, will defend our country’s colors at the competition of the strongest men of the world, which will be held in Novi Sad on 9th May this year.

The competition in Novi Sad is one of the demanding competitions in so called Strongman Champions League, where the strongest men of the world are gathering, as explained by Ervin Katona, the strongest Serbian and the strongest man in the Champions League.

Sarajevan Adin Arnaut told that he expects good results in Novi Sad, because he worked hard for this competition.

“I want to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina good. I expect good results in Serbia“, said Arnaut, who is the only sportsman in BiH that deals with this extreme sport professionally.

Arnaut achieved best results in 2013 in China, when he entered the top 15 strongest men of the world from 32 countries.

Arnaut will compete in Novi Sad in several disciplines. Amongst them are carrying suitcases 360 kg heavy, withdrawal of trucks or buses of 25 tons, lifting stone balls 160 kg heavy, lifting a car 1.700 kg heavy and several other demanding disciplines.


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