Strong Rain extinguished Fires in Jablanica

The fires in Herzegovina are still active, but compared to the previous day, the situation is much better. A mitigating circumstance for firefighters and residents of Jablanica is the rain that started falling in the afternoon.

Thanks to the helicopter of the Helicopter Service of Republika Srpska, but also the rain that fell in the afternoon, the fire in Jablanica was temporarily extinguished.

In the area of Mostar, fires are active in the localities of Cabulja and Dubrani.

In the area of the municipality of Stolac, there is an active fire in front of the settlements of Derani and Stupiste, where grass, low and high vegetation are burning.

The fire engulfed inaccessible and mine-suspicious terrain and currently houses in populated areas are not endangered. Members of DVD Stolac and the local population are on the ground.

The fire at the location of Kvanj (City of Mostar) spread to the settlements of Dolovi in the municipality of Stolac. Burning grass, high and low vegetation.

The fire is still active, but it does not threaten the houses and the firefighters are keeping it under control.

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