What is strictly forbidden for BH Citizens to transfer to Croatia?

borderSummer season is coming, and thus, the holiday season and modern migrations.

If you go through any border crossing from BiH to Croatia, you cannot take the meat (not even in sandwiches) or dairy products, while fruits, vegetables, sweets and food for babies and pets are allowed, but in limited quantities. If you are traveling by car, you should fill up a full tank of fuel. It is the cheapest here, as reported by Vecernji BiH.

From the Customs Administration of Croatia claim that they do not have problems with visitors that are coming from BiH in general. On the basis of previous, sometimes even unpleasant experiences, tourists usually inform themselves about what they can take and they have no problems at customs control. They mostly do it through the website of the Customs Administration, where are listed instructions on the content of personal baggage, based on which passengers can find out what they can or can not bring. The same rule is applied to everyone traveling to Greece, as well as Montenegro, regardless of the fact that it is not part of the European family yet. Citizens of BiH who are traveling to the EU and Schengen countries, except for biometric passports, need to have between 35 and 70 EUR for each day of stay in the EU. The recommendations stated that travelers must have a passport valid for at least three months (in some countries even six) from the date of the planned stay.

If they take their pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) on the trip through Croatia or for a temporarily stay, they must be marked by a microchip or clearly visible tattooed number that must be entered in the international certificate in accordance with the applicable legislation before entering the country. Besides vaccination against rabies that is carried out at the age of 3 months, they must be vaccinated for at least 6 months and not more than one year before the trip, and in the subsequent (booster) vaccines, no more than a year before the trip.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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